Caroline – Motherhood has always been my calling

I’ve always felt a calling to be a mother and to have children, and for me that’s independent of whether or not I have a partner. I want to be a mother at a time that’s right for me, whether or not I have a partner in the equation. I also want the flexibility to be able to pursue my professional goals and since I am currently in business school, I do have a specific timeline in which for me to be a mom.

Regular egg freezing services seem overwhelmingly out of range for me in terms of financing. Ollipsis is an extremely appealing option because it allows me to pursue my calling in a way that’s accessible for me right now. Waiting until I can financially afford to freeze my eggs makes me worried that my eggs won’t be as fertile and healthy by then.

When I was growing up, I used to think I would be married by 25 and have three kids by 30. As my late twenties came and went, I used to think I was strange for not having had a serious relationship at 29. But I now feel like I’m not an anomaly anymore. Your 20s are now seen and encouraged as a time to explore your career and future. I think Ollipsis is catering to this new normal.