Egg Freezing Behind the Scenes: Part 1 of 2

If you’ve read our prior blog posts, like So You’re Thinking About Freezing Your Eggs or The Beginner’s Guide to Egg Freezing, you should have an introduction to the egg freezing process, why you should freeze your eggs, and when to do so. Today, one of our Ollipsis team members who recently completed an egg […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, allows women to preserve their eggs to have higher chances of pregnancy at ages when it would be difficult to conceive naturally. As we’ve discussed in previous posts (here and here) female infertility challenges stem from the deterioration of the quality and quantity of one’s eggs — often […]

So You’re Thinking About Freezing Your Eggs?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been thinking about freezing your eggs. Perhaps you’ve wondered, “why is this such a big deal anyway?” In short, egg freezing is a way to preserve the quality of your eggs, which is important because oocyte quality and quantity decline with age (as you may have read on our […]

What is “Ovarian Reserve”?

The “Ovarian Reserve” refers to the quantity of a woman’s eggs. It is used to refer to the ovaries’ capacity to provide egg cells that are capable of providing a successful pregnancy.  We can think of the ovary as an “egg bank” containing primordial follicles from which a woman will draw throughout her reproductive life. […]

What I Wish My Younger Self Knew About Fertility

For many women, the first time we learned about the reproductive system was during a Health Education class. Ovaries? Uterine Lining? Fallopian tubes? The jargon and process was overwhelming to say the least. How much of that did we really retain and how much did we block away from our memories because of how traumatic […]

Mary – I want the option of being a mother later on

I have thought about freezing my eggs a lot because it’s very difficult to find the right timing and the financial resources to be a mother.  There is no good time – it feels like I’m either in school or working. My mom pressures me to have kids by 30 and I never understood what […]

Caroline – Motherhood has always been my calling

I’ve always felt a calling to be a mother and to have children, and for me that’s independent of whether or not I have a partner. I want to be a mother at a time that’s right for me, whether or not I have a partner in the equation. I also want the flexibility to […]

Jennifer – Freezing for my future family makes the process worth it

I have previously thought about donating my eggs for money during my undergraduate years but only receiving money for the physically intensive harvesting process was not a compelling enough reason for me. But the potential of starting my future family and being able to help another family in need makes it worth going through the […]

Paula – I didn’t have all the information on my own body

When I was younger, I always thought freezing my eggs would be something I would do if I got to a certain age and still didn’t have children. Egg freezing always seemed like a last resort. Because I didn’t have all the information on my own body and fertility, I didn’t realize how big of […]