We're here to help you, whatever your choice

There is no one size fits all. That’s why we offer you different paths to preserve your fertility.


The Ollipsis Program

We offer you egg freezing at no cost and the opportunity to help a family in need.

Half of the retrieved eggs will be stored for you and the remaining donated to help a family struggling with infertility. Storage is included at no cost for the first 3 years. Subject to eligibility.


Referral to a Partner Clinic

Our team is always available to share our insights on fertility clinics and to make a referral that ensures you get the support you need.

We’ll feel much better too, knowing you’re in the right hands. Our price is $15,000 per cycle and a yearly storage fee of $600.


Securing Financing

Together, we will review your options for fertility preservation financing, and will connect you with institutions specializing in loans for fertility treatments to lend a helping hand.

Fertility loans usually have interest rates of 8-9%.


Opportunities Abroad:

Our team of international consultants will help you explore your options abroad, and make recommendations that are tailored to your needs and expectations.

Prices can vary greatly depending on clinic and location.

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