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Starting a family is one of the most important moments in life, and you deserve to feel confident about every choice along the way. Our incredible egg donors are here for you, because you’re there for them too.


Help Empower Young Women

Our donors are talented and ambitious young women seeking to take charge of their fertility. In choosing one of them, you are guaranteed an egg lot given with love, and the fulfilment of having provided a young woman with the opportunity to choose her own path to parenthood.

with top clinics

All egg retrieval procedures are conducted by top facilities in the country to ensure that our donors’ eggs are preserved with the utmost care, giving you the highest chance of a successful pregnancy.

Personalized and Hands-on
Service and Full Transparency:

From start to finish, Ollipsis is here to support you. Beginning with the questionnaire you fill out to register your interest in matching with an Ollipsis donor, your journey with us is personalized to your needs. We are always available to you and will cater to your circumstances every step of the way.

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Conceiving with

Find a donor who shares your commitment to parenthood.

Everyone’s journey to pregnancy through an egg donor will look different; there is no one right way, only what feels right to you.

However, here is a general roadmap to guide you through the process with Ollipsis:

Step 1
Pre-selection Questionnaire

In our unique, tailored-for-you donor matching process, you’ll begin by filling out a questionnaire that will allow us to get a sense of who you are, both inside and out, and what you are looking for in an egg donor.

You can also schedule a free consultation with our specialists to discuss the process and have your questions and concerns addressed.

Step 2
Donor Selection

Based on your questionnaire responses, we will present to you all of our donor candidates who match your criteria. You will get access to their profiles, including medical history and genetic reports. Once you make your decision you can get started immediately.

We encourage you to take your time with the selection process; there is no more important decision as you embark on parenthood, and we are always here to support you.

Step 4

Your chosen clinic will thaw the frozen eggs and perform the fertilization process with your chosen sperm so that you are ready for the embryo transfer.

After the IVF process and within 2 weeks of implantation you will be able to ascertain whether the implantation was successful.

Step 3
Egg Lot Transfer

Once you have selected your egg donor, we will immediately arrange to have your egg lot securely shipped from our storage facilities directly to your chosen clinic. The timeline for the embryo creation and implantation process is completely up to you and your schedule.

Vitrification technology is dependent on the practitioners and facilities involved, which is why Ollipsis is committed to partnering with the top clinics in the country to ensure that your chances for a successful pregnancy are maximized.

Pregnancy rates per transfer in the US average between 35-45%. However, at our network of practices, we have historically seen slightly higher pregnancy rates.

We are proud to offer you services delivered with the utmost care, and we will always maintain full transparency throughout the process.

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