Jennifer – Freezing for my future family makes the process worth it

I have previously thought about donating my eggs for money during my undergraduate years but only receiving money for the physically intensive harvesting process was not a compelling enough reason for me. But the potential of starting my future family and being able to help another family in need makes it worth going through the medical procedure.

I’ve also personally felt like the true bonds of a family are not always based on DNA. As the world grows and develops, I’ve seen so many people opting into families that they find or create later on. The intended parents that are receiving my eggs will be this child’s true parents. For me, donating my eggs is similar to donating an organ. This “organ” is not essential to me only so if it can help another family, I’m all for it.

I also view donating my eggs differently from adoption. With adoption, there is an element of a parent giving you up. With egg donation, there is a set of parents who wanted you so badly that they were wiling to do anything including foregoing their own DNA.