Mary – I want the option of being a mother later on

I have thought about freezing my eggs a lot because it’s very difficult to find the right timing and the financial resources to be a mother.  There is no good time – it feels like I’m either in school or working. My mom pressures me to have kids by 30 and I never understood what was so magical about the number 30. I’m realizing as I learn more about my health that peak fertility occurs at my current age – 28. I am definitely not ready for motherhood yet but would love to have the option of using my younger, healthier eggs later on when I am prepared to be a mother.

It’s empowering to know that I don’t have to sacrifice the career path I’m on. I won’t know what my fertility and ability to conceive will really be like until I try it. I don’t know how easy or difficult it’s going to be. Freezing my eggs now will give me that peace of mind. I may never end up using my frozen eggs – but I want the peace of mind.