Ollipsis Fertility Announces First Egg Freezing Procedure at No Cost to Patient in the United States

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Ollipsis Fertility, a reproductive health company on a mission to expand fertility choices, today announced the company’s first egg retrieval. This milestone marks the first egg freezing procedure by a company dedicated to offering this procedure for with no out-of-pocket expense, and is a crucial step in realizing Ollipsis’ vision of a world where fertility is not a hurdle in anyone’s career or family aspirations.

“This retrieval was an exciting moment for the Ollipsis team and an important step in increasing access to fertility preservation while helping those struggling with infertility” stated Albert Mikkelsen, Chief Executive Officer and Ollipsis co-founder. “In conversations with our first patient, I saw the enthusiasm that led us to start this company. I am thrilled that Ollipsis can help her pursue her career aspirations and her family planning goals without compromising on either.” Stated Alex Lin, Chief Operating Officer and Ollipsis Co-founder.

The retrieval was completed at the Institute for Human Reproduction in Chicago, led by Dr. David Cohen acting as the Medical Director of the clinic and Ollipsis Fertility. “After decades in the industry, I’m thrilled to be part of an initiative to democratise access and increase both options and choices for patients”, stated Dr. David Cohen, Medical Director at Ollipsis Fertility.

With bills averaging $15,000 per cycle, egg freezing remains unaffordable to most, particularly considering that most health-care plans don’t cover the procedure and only about 30 companies int he Fortune 500 offer benefits which cover the procedure. This explains why close to 80% of egg freezing procedure are done by women above the age of 36, when it is likely late for most. On the other side of the spectrum, families struggling with infertility, or the growing share of LGBTQ families planning to become parents, which stands at a record 77%, struggle to find donors as their options and choices are severely limited.

Ollipsis was founded by students at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business seeking to expand women’s reproductive window and match families looking for an egg donor. By offering free retrieval and freezing services to eligible women willing to donate half of their retrieved eggs, Ollipsis offers everyone more choices about when, and how, to start their families. They are the first and only egg bank allowing intended parents to help a young woman preserve her fertility.

Ollipsis has already been recognized for their vision as a 2020 finalist in The University of Chicago Polsky Center New Venture Challenge and is rapidly expanding to reach more women interested in fertility empowerment. They have already engaged with 200 women who are considering egg freezing and are now ready to initiate fundraising for a $1.3M seed round with the goal of radically disrupting the fertility space.

About Ollipsis Fertility

Our mission is to expand fertility choices through access, options and education. Ollipsis Fertility was founded to make fertility preservation accessible to everyone and alleviate infertility struggles for women – whether they are planning for their “later family” or searching for a donor egg that fits their family. We provide free egg preservation services for free to women who are willing to donate half of their eggs to help a family struggling with infertility.

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