Paula – I didn’t have all the information on my own body

When I was younger, I always thought freezing my eggs would be something I would do if I got to a certain age and still didn’t have children. Egg freezing always seemed like a last resort. Because I didn’t have all the information on my own body and fertility, I didn’t realize how big of a difference age makes in my ability to conceive. Even my gynecologist told me that I should wait until after I turned 30.

When I add up all of my educational and career goals, I realize that I realistically won’t have children until I’m 35, at which point it might be too late if I want to have more than one child. I wish I had access to fertility and health information in my early 20s and thought about egg freezing services earlier. I view egg preservation as a great insurance policy for my future. Even though I know I want to be a mother, I can’t guarantee that I won’t have a medical condition later on that would compromise my eggs. I don’t want to have any regrets and for me, egg freezing allows me to both conceive my own children as well as achieve my career goals.